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Nanjing first positron Limited by Share Ltd is a professional engaged in various types of resistors, temperature sensors, chip NTC, chip PTC, chip inductors, magnetic beads research and development and production enterprises. The company is headquartered in Nanjing District, Zhongshan, Liuhe science and Technology Park, convenient transportation. All our products are of international quality standard, and our products are sold abroad, and they are well known in many markets both at home and abroad.

Company development process

Founded (1957 - 1967)

Military lacquer chopsticks (1957) group

The whole nation, "production in response to a thousand things wait to be done, and to solve the food and employment" appeal, by October, 7 families raised funds set up a "military lacquer chopsticks", began the difficult road of entrepreneurship.

Jumping rivet factory (1965)

For 10 years, has experienced three changes, become a welfare enterprise "jump light rivet factory", up to more than and 300 employees, from simple commodity production into the production of industrial enterprises, laid the foundation for future development.

Self development (1968 - 1989)

Nanjing radio component eleven factory (1969)

Nanjing radio eleven factory (1979)

In 22 years, the company successfully entered the electronics industry, realize the merger with nine radio components factory, expand business scale and expand the business strength, the introduction of advanced equipment and technology, has become the China carbon film resistor in the resistor industry export base, "the day, South and North Sea," the four families listed.

Market competition (1990 - 2003)

Nanjing radio eleven factory (1979)

In 13 years, the company ushered in a wave of market competition, the company one step ahead, established brand strategy, through "on the market never say no" concept of the call for the realization of the domestic and international famous enterprises supporting, and constantly improve product quality and service, so that enterprises not only stand up to the test of the market competition. It will also push the company's industry leader position.

Internationalization (2004 - now)

Nanjing first positron Co., Ltd. (2004)

Nanjing first positron Limited by Share Ltd (2016)

Carry out the "three linkage" reform in the municipal government under the guidance of established state-owned Nanjing sianzheng Electronics Co. Ltd., the first person is the practice of "wishing to cultivate their persons, the first is the heart" of the spirit, in the "three international" policy guidelines, is to set up the technology company step into the high-tech Development Zone, Zhongshan science and Technology Park, sales exceeded 100 million yuan, continue to climb the peak of the new historical development!